Oslo Legal Hackathon 2019

Joachim Edin 19 June 2019

BAHR LEAP is part of the steering committee for Oslo Legal Hackathon. This year the event will be held 20-21 September at Gyldendal.

The goal of the event is to find new and creative solutions to meet the needs of the legal industry and to ensure that everyone has access to information and tools to enforce their legal rights. To achieve this the event brings the legal and tech industries together to create new, creative and innovative solutions.

The teams will have 24 hours to work on their ideas. To ensure diversity between the different disciplines all teams will be put together based on industry background. The teams can choose between creating a prototype or to create a visual presentation. The solutions will be pitched in front of a jury of experts from both industries.

Oslo Legal Hackathon is an excellent opportunity for the attendees to be part of diverse teams working towards solving challenges within the legal industry. It is also a good way to expand your professional network. We at BAHR LEAP encourage everyone interested in legal tech to come join us at the Hackathon.

Further information about application and prices.