BAHR Law Tech Lab

A meeting place for law tech enthusiasts


What is BAHR Law Tech Lab?

Digitization and application of new technology will involve changes in how law firms organize their work and interact internally with clients. BAHR wishes to take the steps on the digital journey in extensive dialogue with customers, suppliers and “digital front runners” through BAHR Law Tech Lab

BAHR Law Tech Lab is managed by BAHR LEAP.

We work along three axes:

  • Leading clients will be invited to discussion with internal and external resources.
  • Entrepreneurs, students, digital knowledge communities at universities, research parks, startups, IT companies are invited to BAHR to present digital solutions and / or receive solution challenges from the company.
  • Students with a focus on technology and digitization that are particularly relevant to us, will be offered internship at BAHR or BAHR LEAP for a period of up to 3 months.

If you would like to hear more about our current projects, please contact our CTO.